Hula Hoop/Juggling

Starting Hula Hoop more then 10 years ago and specialising on it in her professional education, Soschia has reached a high technical Level and a huge movement repertoire in Hula Hoop manipulation and Juggling.

Even though she focused on Bramsonrolls for the last 2 years, she is also able to do classical onbodyhooping and juggling as well as tricks coming from rythmic gymnastics and Hoopdance.

For Hula Hoop there is 2 acts with different atmospheres and for different audiences that she could perform for you. Anyway, she is always happy to get new input and create an act to the music/with the atmosphere that fits your theme.

In her graduation Act „Loud Places“ Soschia creates an colourful and playful atmosphere throwing and roling hoops across the stage and finding interesting transitions in between.

The contemporary juggling act „Dreams“ focuses on Bramsonrolls, fragile forms and sculptures and has a mysterious and calm atmosphere.

Soschias Hula Hoop act „Friend like me“ was inspired by Disneys Aladdin and is a fun and entertaining varietépiece that exudes energy and leaves a smile on the face of her audience.