Soschia Werner is a german juggler specialising in Hula Hoop manipulation and Aerial Silks.

Currently she is studying full time to be a „statecertified stageacrobat/ Artist“ at the school of performing and fine arts „Die Etage“ in Berlin and having her graduation Show on the 30.09.2022-02.10.2022.

For her juggling, Soschia specialised in Bramsonrolls (roling the hoops on the floor and catching them again) and Siteswap variations (especially how to implement the Bramsonrolls into classical juggling technique).

In Aerial Silks her main focus is to show clean high-level technique that requires strength and flexibility while still embodying the fluidity, elegance and softness that comes with the material.

Before getting accepted to „Die Etage“ she was a member of the „Jugendvarieté Koblenz“ by „Jugendkunstwerkstatt Koblenz“ and worked on her own as a performer and teacher at parties and festivals.

Already during her circus education she was performing and working behind the scenes in various shows like „2121″ , „Hotel Bizarre“ and „Conspiracy“ in „Zirkus Mond“ , „Sonderbare Irre“ in „Ballhaus Ost“ and various festivals and one-time-shows in Germany and Switzerland.

More recently, Soschia was a participant of the „Newcomerartist:innenfestival“ in Berlin and performing at the „Akro am Säntis“ festival in Switzerland and at the „Open Varieté“ in Ballhaus Wedding.

Her personality is described as a crazy mixture of an organization freak and creative chaos.
She is a joyful always smiling person thats fun to work with.