Picture by @imagoria (IG)

Soschia Werner is a a german circus performer specialising in Hula Hoop juggling and rolling with a focus on fluent transitions between the floor and the air and dynamics on silks with focus on creative and surprising shapes and changes of direction

Her passion is to combine her skills with acting and dancing and she loves to work in dinnershows, varietees and ensemble productions that tell a story or have a theme.

After finishing her education to become a „certified stageacrobat/artist“ at „Die Etage“ in Berlin she started working as juggler, aerialist and actor at „Walter Zoo“ in Switzerland where she will be until November 2023.

Already before and during her formal education in circus arts she had the chance to perform in various festivals, galas and shows such as „Nacht der Museen“ and „Newcomer:innenfestival“ in Berlin, Zirkus Mond, „Authentic“ Koblenz, „Hotel Bizarre“ by Ina Gercke and her graduation show „Exit and Enter“.

Currently, she has 5 acts including Aerial Silks, Hula Hoop Juggling and classic onbody hooping ready to perform, but of course she is always happy to change her act or create a new one to fit your theme. Soschia loves a challenge, especially if it gives her the chance to create new things.

Her personality is described as a crazy mixture of an organization freak and creative chaos.

She is a joyful always smiling person thats fun to work with.